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Tri-State BHS

"Helping to Put the Pieces Together One Individual at a Time"

Psychotherapy Services

TS-BHSC provides options to traditional psychotherapy services to meet the needs of busy adults. 

  • TS-BHS offers traditional psychotherapy, individual therapy which provides the space and opportunity to explore life and life events. This can involve - not limited to - a better understanding of the connection between beliefs and behaviors, achieve personal and professional growth, greater acceptance and self-esteem, and increase confidence and decision-making skills.

  • Unlike traditional psychotherapy, TS-BHS offers psychotherapy and consulting in the comfort of your home or office....this allows you to integrate self-care during your busy day. 

Professional Services 


TS-BHS also offers licensed & license eligible social workers, professional counselors, and marriage & family therapists clinical supervision, coaching, and mentoring while navigating the licensure process and building their careers. 

  • TS-BHS provides individual and group clinical supervision to license eligible social workers, professional counselors, and marriage & family therapists as they navigate the licensing process and build their careers (per state & discipline requirements).

  • TS-BHS also offers licensed and license eligible clinicians (social workers, professional counselors, and marriage & family therapist, psychologists) support, coaching, and mentoring in prioritizing their own self-care, setting goals, building confidence, and making career decisions to thrive personally and professionally. 

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